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Tyre Sealant

The xALL Tyre Sealant repair punctures by plugging the puncture wound with the sealant and thereby instantly sealing the leak. The sealant spreads within the interiors of the tyre by centrifugal force during tyre rotation and forms a coating of sealant over the entirety of the internal tread area which repair the leaks immediately.


One time investment on xALL Tyre Sealant is much less than the money and the time you will end up spending on repair and replacement of faulty tyres. The sealant keeps your vehicle puncture free for the entire lifetime of the tyre and it eliminates the chances of accidents caused due to sudden punctures and tyre cracks. The sealant coating formed inside the tyre minimizes the air leaks and maintains the air pressure of tyre for a longer period of time, which reduces the fuel consumption. Liquid nature of sealant with added speciality ingredients keeps the tyre cool, thereby, reducing the wear and tear of the tyre and extending the tyre life upto 25%. The xALL Tyre Sealant can be inserted into a tyre very easily through the schrader valve. Our sealant is available through distributors throughout the nation. In case you want to install it manually, we ship the product at your door step. The product comes with an easy to follow instructional video. Call us today!