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What's going on at Xistence

Xistence covered by National TV (DD1)

Xistence Technologies was invited by Doordarshan to appear on Business Insider (Episode 48) and talk about its product - xALL Tyre Sealant.


Xistence Launches its Tyre Sealant in India

Punctures?? Not anymore | xALL Tyre Sealant In! Puncture/Tyre Problems Out! | No more flat tyres | xALL Tyre Sealant - a tyre guard/shield/armour | Safeguard your tyres with a premium tyre sealant | Hassle free/ smooth rides with xALL. We have launched our first product in India - the xALL Tyre Sealant. Contact us for dealership/business opportunities.

Xistence Technologies- A firm focussed on Polymer Research and Product Development

A group of engineers and scientists from the United States and India comes together to setup a R&D group in New York, to be known as Xistence Technologies. The group will focus on development of polymer products for aerospace, automotive and medical applications.