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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions

What is xALL Tyre Sealant ?

xALL Tyre Sealant is a polymeric formulation that protects tyres against punctures and air loss by instantly sealing holes and leaks. Further more, it increases fuel efficiency and extends tyre life.

How does it seal punctures ?

The tyre sealant is installed through the valve. Tyre rotation after installation, coats the inner surface of the tyre with the sealant. Whenever a puncture or leak ocurs, the air inside the tyre pushes the sealant into the puncture which then seals the puncture instantaneously.

Up to what size puncture will xALL tyre sealant seal?

xALL Tyre Sealant can seal tubeless tyres for punctures upto 15mm.

Does xALL tyre sealant degrade, dry out or separate?

No, the sealant remains in a suspension state inside the tyre and is always ready to cure a leak.

How often does xALL Tyre Sealant need to be replaced inside a tyre?

Not at all. xALL Tyre Sealant is designed in normal use to last the legal life of a tyre.

To what pressure does xALL Tyre Sealant seal?

xALL Tyre Sealant seals efficiently between 2.51 PSI (Quad Tyre) and 145 PSI (Truck Tyre).

Will the sealant corrode the wheels, rust wheel rims or steel belts?

No, the sealant doesn't corrode the wheels, rim or belts as the formulation contains rust inhibitor.

Does xALL Tyre Sealant affect the tyre life or the performance?

The sealant actually increases the tyre life as it keeps the tyre cool and the sealant doesn't affect the tyre life time.

Is xALL Tyre Sealant safe and legal to install in my tyres?

It is both safe and legal form of puncture prevention.