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No doubt, there are tens of different tyre sealants in the Indian market. But none of those products can guarantee you the same performance metrics as our's. Our sealant seals upto 15mm in tubeless tyres as compared to the 6mm standard as claimed by our competitiors. We are best not just in India, but globally. We have a proprietary formulation, protected by Intellectual Property Rights in multiple countries across the world.

The pictures on the left show common problems faced by customers using the other existing products on the market. Some are too sticky, some don't work in extreme climatic conditions, some ruin your tyres, some don't seal efficiently and some don't seal at all.

On top of that, most of the major Indian firms selling tyre sealant in India - either imports the sealant from foreign companies or license the technology from them. Tyre Protector and Slime are the best examples of this model. We, on the other hand, own all the intellectual property to our sealant. We beleive in our Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi's, vision on Make in India for a stronger country and we are trying to make a small contribution at our end.